I consider myself a regular guy. I try to express the emotion a song has and perform it the way it feels to me. I've loved music for as long as I can remember and have always had it inside me throughout the best and worst of times. It's been the process of expressing that music that has been a source of strength for me. Few experiences rival the feeling of music that comes from within.
There is one exception - being a dad. Raising two amazing kids, as a single dad, has been the sweetest "work" I have ever done, and the greatest honor ever bestowed on me. What an experience!
I write what I feel inside. I chose "Country-Rock" as the genre to list my songs, but I'll let listeners decide what genre they feel best describes my music. Whatever the case, it's my desire that those who hear it, enjoy it; and that will make any effort to share it worthwhile.

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New Song, "Going Home."
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