Imagine Crystal Method or Enigma, but with Sarah Brightman on vocals. New original music, beautiful melodies, perfect grooves and excellent sound design. Creative combination of Pop-Rock, Electronica, Modern New-Age & Spiritual music with elements of Symphonic mixes, opera and ethnic voices. Remixes of famous Classic Rock and Classical Masterpieces.

" musical sensation of KeyOrchestra" (Daily News, NYC)

DVD KeyOrchestra Live Show Demo Reel available.

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DVD KeyOrchestra Live Show Demo Reel available.


"How does a band go about creating "New Music"?

Not new lyrics and not even new sounds, but New Music. This question should be asked of KeyOrchestra, for in their new albums, they have created New Music. In their own classification they call it pop-rock/electronic, but it is so much more then that. By uniting operatic voice, jazz riffs, electronic synth, rock drums grooves, a mean electric guitar and ethnic sounds KeyOrchestra has created music that is not only new and innovative but also keenly individual and inspired" By: Kathleen Sharkey (IN-TUNE Magazine).

New World-class instrumental album`s "SkyDiving" (2014), "The Very Best of Andre MORGUNOFF" (2015), is mixed and mastered at SONY/BMG, released by Atlantic-Artists Entertainment.

All KeyOrchestra music created by Andre MORGUNOFF. Every musical composition has its own screenplay for live stage performance and is accompanied by professional Video, Sound and perfect Light; Dance Choreography and Costume Design. New KeyOrchestra live shows utilize these visuals, lighting and programming to deliver a truly unique musical experience.

"OUR MUSIC" is very special to us, it is our Creation. We really believe that this album`s will be loved and as a proof of that, we have already had thousand`s rewarding internet reviews from all around the world and CD`s selling rate is spinning high. We hope to see you soon in our new show ". By: KeyOrchestra Team. 

Many international producers and A&R`s evaluated the music as a high level of production and amazing sound quality, calling it very modern intellectual music.
Related to: Enigma, Deep Forest, William Orbit, Sarah Brightman, Robert Miles, Yanny, BOND, Pink Floyd, Enaya, Nina Hagen, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis. 



Andre Leonardo Morgunoff (PhD) (ASCAP) - is a American pianist, multi-platinum producer and composer with an extensive musical background. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. In his more-than-30-year international career, he has received many awards for recording, arranging, and sound design.

His experience in live performance is vast. Andre has written and recorded over 250 original compositions, soundtracks and songs. His material is in demand by artists and producers throughout the United States and Europe. Since 1980, Andre has created solo projects and worked with artists and production companies in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Austria and South Africa. In the United States and Canada he has worked as a film composer and record producer. He has released seven solo albums and he is known for many projects in testing the validity of border-setting in music. He enjoys to look deep into the abysm and sometimes further. He is an eclectic composer/musician who seems to draw on everything from classic forms to the most abstruse modernist styles, and he uses these disparate elements to create his works.

He has produced countless acts and projects and has appeared on over 70 recordings. Morgunoff's career spans nearly three decades and he still performs actively throughout the world.

Technical overview and endorsement: Apple Power MAC 6-Core, Steinberg Cubase 8/Nuendo 7, Protools HD 12, iZotope, Waves Audio Mercury, Final Cut Pro X, HALion 5, Native Instruments Kontakt 10, Giga sampler, MOTU, M-Audio, Mallet Kat Midi Vibraphone.

Andre Morgunoff currently recorded two 2014-15 project albums "KEYORCHESTRACLASSIC" - compilation of remixes of famous Classic Rock and Classical masterpieces. And new-style lounge-electronica-industrial-soundtrack "LIQUID CONTROL" for the project @ANALOG LEGEND New tracks are available on iTunes, The Rolling Stone, Billboard, Rhapsody, Amazon, Virgin...

"...Dance Choreography, Aerialists and Costume Design. New KeyOrchestra live shows utilize these visuals, lighting and programming to deliver a truly unique musical experience. Customized performance for any kind of corporate or private event and concerts."


classical vocal, has an amazing, beautiful and powerful voice (mezzo-soprano). Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.She was also a student of Moscow Conservatory at vocal class of world famous opera singer Elena Obrastsova. Touring all over the world with solo performances. Today Olga performs at City-Opera (Manhattan, New York) and KeyOrchestra.


professional dancer, cool guitar player and model. Born and raised in Riga, Latvia. Her stage career began at 5, as a ballet dancer which soon after transformed into a pop dancer. In the past she danced for the best both European singer/performer. Oftenly changes something about her image and lifestyle. Andre`s wife and mother of 3 amazingly talented children. Has supported all of Andre`s projects and dissections for over 30 years.


this life loving, active, head strong, smart intelligent and very talented kick ass 26 yr old knows how to rock! Born in Hannover, Germany and raised in Atlantic City. Not to mention that she speaks 5 fluent languages. plays guitar, flute and keyboard. also does back up vocals. loves modeling, friends, shopping (like any other teenager) and her family. loves KeyOrcherstra music & Show.


the legendary Alexander Bach is an exceptionally gifted drummer and production executive (drums/percussion). Playing original projects (The Crime, Blue Ruin, Cut Throat Lane, The Goods, Goat Singers) Alex was invited for session work with accomplished artists (John Goodsall, co-founder of Brand X with Genesis? Phil Collins and a David Bowie collaborator Robin Lumley; Sasha Krivtsov, former Billy Idol bassist and in-house bassist for CBS?s popular ?Rock Star? series and many more). With mastery of diverse musical genres, Alexander also put in some solid hours (as a for-hire or in original projects) at top U.S. and European recording studios, including A&M, Paramount, Signature, Indigo Ranch, Flight-19 and Criteria/Hit Factory. His latest international collaborative success includes recording in projects with Kenny G, Missy Elliot and Maya.


ANDRE Morgunoff - piano/keyboard/midi vibraphone, virtual instruments, percussion.
OLGA Lomteva - voice, mezzo-soprano, back/ethnic vocal
IRINA Morgunoff - electric guitar/dance
DIANA Morgunoff - flute/guitar/keyboard back up vocal/make up artist
ALEX Bach - acoustic/electric drums/percussion

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