(Ka-ReN-aH Kor-Rock-Koos)

Seemingly born under a lucky star, the dragon is the most vital and powerful of any in the Chinese zodiac with an infamous reputation for possessing a sharp witted tongue! You know a Dragon has entered the room as the air starts to tingle with the energy they exude. Natural "movers and shakers", Dragons are not shy in the least about going after what they want. Gifted with innate courage, tenacity and intelligence.


"It has taken me plenty of living and loving, lots of losing love and at times what seemed like entirely too much pain, but all of it I now know was for a reason. I have something to say hence I've written my story rather, I've transformed it into one amazing album." - Karena Korokous

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My single "Get to Know You" has been selected for airplay on Women of Substance Radio!
Women of Substance Radio celebrates talented female performers of every genre with great songs. We play Indie artists alongside well-known label artists. or listen on iTunes under the Adult Contemporary Category (scroll down to Women of Substance Radio).


With advanced vocals and her distinguished and refined lyrics, Karena Korokous is the quintessential full-packaged artist. Her amazingly creative mind fuses her past and present life experiences then rolls it into fierce musical compilations.
Karena is an indie R&B vocalist and lyricist currently residing in South Florida.

She is adept at creating shining examples of her souls' vision by channeling her love, passion, and pains into every song she writes and sings. The results are stunning examples of her emotions, her experiences; she is indeed, a rising star.
Possessing an immense body of work, her passion is undeniable which is provoking and arresting regardless. It is obvious she has been blessed with a GOD given gift for music as well as an obsession for writing which will, no doubt, continue evolving. Karena has the gift of transforming - and her work is remarkably compelling, and inspiring.

Admired for her amazingly extroverted, down to earth personality - Karena has received notoriety for her ability to woo a crowd. She is also quite thankful and proud of her work with the HOOTERS restaurant chain a.k.a. "my second family," where she is a highly requested emcee for their calendar show tours and various other events."

A born leader, charismatic and creative, Karena truly is a self-made musician with an intense commitment to her work and a profound respect and love for the creative process. This can be heard, and most certainly can be felt.

To put it in her words: "I, my heart, soul and my spirit simply have no other way to say this."

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Darius Ghanat
over 30 days ago to Karena Korokous

Congrats on making the Broadjam Top 10 list with "Close my Eyes!" Glad I discovered your music!

Hello I am a new artist to Broadjam, and I like your voice, can we possibly collaborate on a song together? you can check me out on my page. Thank you for reading!!

Jessie Laine Powell
over 30 days ago to Karena Korokous

Hell Karena! I am new on Broadband. Keep the music live~

2 Replies
Karena Korokous
over 30 days ago

It is an interesting site. I am hoping someone will eventually pick up a tune or two! Rock On!

Jessie Laine Powell
over 30 days ago

They will. I am building a site on Facebook I think you may want to consider being apart of it is called Indie Factor Movement. The Launch of this cite will be Sept 12. It will give you access to tool that will help you market your music. You will also be able to place videos on the page to promote your music. Would love for you to be apart. If you would like more info friend me on face book. Jessie Laine Powell is my name. My fan page is Jessie Laine Powell Jazz. Would like to help you anyway I can!

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