She has been said to have the voice of the angels, a hauntingly beautiful, ethereal voice that takes listeners on an inner journey, transporting them to a place where deep reflection, contemplation and healing can take place.

Kaleah's music captures elements of Celtic, New Age, and Adult Contemporary similar to Sara McLachlan, Loreena McKennit and Enya. However she has a style uniquely her own combining her enchanting ethereal tones with a powerful, gutsy presentation.

Her lyrical messages are deep, heartfelt and true to life as she derives her themes from both personal experience and empathizing with the experiences of others. Kaleah's gift for writing combined with her incredible voice brings to her listeners a transformative musical experience not to be forgotten.

Latest News

I am beginning to put up tracks from my upcoming new CD "Emergence" which is entirely a non-lyrical chant based project capturing world and new age flavors. This project was masterminded after a couple of my songs were selected for film projects and received some exposure. I received several email requests for a CD of just my vocal chants and no lyrics. I used to always get this request when I performed out so I decided it was time. These songs will also be targeted for future film projects.


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David Hansen
over 30 days ago to Kaleah

Kaleah, Like your music. I'm just getting started here. Sounds like you are a spokane Person. I'm in Spokane Valley. We should touch base. I'm open to Co-Writes. Dave Hansen

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