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Your songs are very unique and won't take long to go viral, you're talented. Email us an mp3 file to radiomusicpromo78@gmail.com for global exposure.

Yooo J, When ever your down to, You should let me throw a verse or two on one of your beat's. Nobody has that soulful / My Life type feel to there songs and hook's now day's. Just let me know when your ready to hear me go in on a track. #1 Love bruh , Keep up that feel man. The industry needs people like you in it to keep hip-hop alive. @Real Talk.

You Got My Support All Day #

Love your sound. Very original and with a little jazz feel around it with the horns. I am new to Broadjam and checking out different artist. Wanted you to know about a site I am starting on Fackbook called Indie Factor Movement. This site is a support group but also a site to help you learn the tools needed to promote and market your music on your own! If you would like more inform friend me on facebook and you will receive all the details. The Launch date for the site is coming soon. Hope to hear from you!

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