Combining elements of the various genres he has worked in, JVB's tracks place emphasis on atmosphere and mood with a mix of organic and electronic sounds. In addition to his instrumental work, JVB is a recording artist under various aliases and the founder of Sykophunk Productions.

Claims to fame include song placement on The Colbert Report and working as composer and sound designer for the upcoming video game Precipice. Recent instrumental projects include Abandoned, a multimedia horror experience, and Where Angels and Eagles Soar, a collection of mellow music dedicated to his late stepfather.

JVB's biggest project, Dark Domain, is a horror-inspired collection of gothic and industrial instrumentals - the music to a fictional future world that he created. Combining equal parts of Danny Elfman and Nine Inch Nails, JVB composes the soundtrack to a post-apacalyptic world of monsters and madness. The soundtrack and fiction series are both works in progress.

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Wrapping up some experimental hip hop projects, including Tripolar:

Joseph VanBuren - brief bio

After working as a recording artist and performer for about 10 years, I founded Sykophunk Productions in 2010, at which point I began to focus more on composing and licensing. I've gotten placement on The Colbert Report, and now I'm working as the composer and sound designer for the upcoming video game Precipice. Looking to get more placement in indie films, especially horror. With around 100 songs recorded every year, I have a huge catalog under my belt. Other than what's here on this site, my catalog can be previewed @

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