Judyann is a woman with a variety of titles, wearing multiple hats, constantly surrounded by superstars. Her past experience in corporate public relations has evolved to management of multi-talented musicians and singers, as well as sports celebrities. She often finds herself jetsetting around the country. Judyann's main objective is in getting musicians -to whom and where they need to be-.

Judyann captures the spotlight by her diversified background. Her experiences extend to spokesmodel, radio personality, television producer, and entertainment writer. She sings, and plays both keyboards and acoustic guitar. As an award winning songwriter, judyann takes music one step further by instilling her knowledge into the development of other artists. Her moto of - be the best you can be- is a motivational tag to managing artists toward fulfilling their dreams. Contact judyann at tvproducerjudy@hotmail.com or judy.ann@bestofwny.zzn.com.


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