I have my own studio that I base myself out of called SideWayz Soundz Studio. Here I can make my beats, engineer, produce, mix and master my projects. Some of the music i have up are rough mixes and some are final mixes. Contact me for more info.

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The easiest way to get in contact with me is to email me at jstatik777@yahoo.com. I check this email daily.

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Born and raised in New Bedford, Mass, J-Statik has been producing music for more than 10 years now. In 1996, his music career started off by attending Massachusetts Communications College (now known as The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Mass) to study and receive his Certificate in Recording Engineering. It was here that he met P.O.R.D. (Poetic One Ruby Dee) and together they started a small independant record label, Rabbid Rottie Entertainment. They have recorded several different artists including Siniz-ta of the W.O.L.V.E.S., Rae Boogie of the Ruff Ryders and Bella-T. The duo first started recording at Waltz Audio with their teacher and mentor, the legendary Boston Engineer Pete "Boardz" Peloquin, then moved on to record at their own project based studios. In August of 2007, after much studying and mastering of his craft, J-Statik moved on to set-up his own home based project studio called Sidwayz Soundz Studio. It is here where he can record, mix and master all his projects in-house. J-Statik's studio is based around Mac computers and he runs Pro-tools, a MPC 2000xl, and his DJ tables with a vast array of vinyl to dig through. His music is all original, he never downloads music off of the internet and resells them as his, as some so-called "Producers" do. J-Statik's philosophy is there is more to being a producer and then just crafting beats. Beatmakers create the music you listen to while a Producer will mold the sound to the artist to create the final version of a song. J-Statik has worked on remixs for the legendary Jawn P. and MC Force of the legendary Top Choice Clique, Mic Stylz, the undergrounds newest up and coming artist Termanology, Lee Wilson, Raw, Shiz-Roc, and Twan Hill. J-Statik has also worked on music videos, directing, filming, scoring and editing, all at SideWayz Soundz Studio. He has worked on three videos for variest artists of the Block Royal Family including, Temperamento, Large, Wille Sante, and Macho. For samples of some of J-Statik's projects, listen to the music being played on this page. Most are his beats, some of the recordings were done at his studio or he was involved in mixing the track. Also his videos are on display on this page. With this being said, he is available for purchasing beats, studio rental and engineering, mixing and mastering projects, DJ'ing, and music videos. Prices depend on the project. For more info text him at 508-320-3488 or send a message.

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