J.Ramada's career continues to move forward since the release of his debut album Tongue & Groove. Tongue & Groove was composed, performed, engineered and produced by the artist while holding down a DJ position at KOTR Radio and working as a handmade bookbinder in the Big Sur Art Scene on the Central Coast of California. The album went on to receive international airplay with television and film credits, including multiple MTV Behind The Music performances.

After traveling and performing across North America and Europe, Mr. Ramada landed a job creating special effects in the film world which pocketed him an invite to Prince's Academy Awards Party. Once there, he was asked by Prince to sing alongside him. At the end of the jam J.Ramada thanked The Legend. Prince said two words. "You Sing." ... For more of the story visit https://jramada.com.

J.Ramada's newest record is Turquoise, a 5 song EP featuring the new single Imaginary Thunder.

Latest News

March 2021
J.Ramada signs with Synch Shoppe - International Retail Radio Representation.

May 2021
Turquoise EP Drops To North America AC and AAA Terrestrial Radio!

Listen Nationwide... Follow J.Ramada at https://jramada.com


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Reviews coming in for the new record:
https://indiebandguru.com/j-ramada- turquoise/?fbclid=IwAR2Xb3dVRDGuL5i ErlfCEr-I2qCZTXCDnFuZ0jn_Q5sECMfsgc IsZFSPWqc

"There is something about the emotional songwriting of J.Ramada that draws the listener in... Everything from Americana to Rock to Flamenco over a heartfelt vocal style... "Too Far To Go" is perhaps the most elegant track with a piano starting it off before it delves into a full smorgasbord of sounds that create a full ambient soundscape to take us into yet another world." - Keith Pro

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