Jordan Carp has just finished his 3rd studio record THE DARK ARCHITECTURE (an 11 song LP). Produced by JP Bowersock (Ryan Adams, the Strokes) the record is a tapestry of beautiful melodies crafted over inticately woven musical textures. Dark yet hopful writing with stark lyrical imagery is set against lush guitar playing with the occasional Moog and Mellotron voices.
Jordan has played hundreds of shows throughout the Northeast, cultivating a strong following on the College music sceen. Combined with his constant touring and busking in Harvard square (Cambridge, MA) he has sold thousands of his self produced records. He was recently commisioned by film makers Phil Lane and John Givens to score their 2006 Documentary "Working Title" about five artists, one of whom is Jordan Carp.
Jordan graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2001 as a composition/guitar major.

Jordan Carp

In the past 5 years of touring, recording, and building a business out of writing music, it’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. From playing in empty College cafeterias one night, packed theaters the next, subway stations the next. I might go days listening to nothing but Bill Evans or Elliott Smith, or days listening to nothing at all. I write about witches, poets, outerspace, luck, cities, wine snobery, whiskey, mental darkness, isolation, and maybe the occasional dolphin jumping over a rainbow... I like to think of a song as if it’s a film, where you can create characters and images over time. I don’t think music needs to hit the listener over the head within 10 seconds. Maybe because I grew up in a house with a Father who plays the Oboe and Classical music was my first exposure to melodies. What I do is not quite suitable for pop radio which can make it a bit difficult trying to sell records and cultivate a following. Fortunately people from another walk of life that needs music have started to find me - the music for Film industry. In 2004 I was chosen as one of five subjects in a documentary about how one knows when they have become an artist. I was also asked to write some music and had my songs licenced for the film. The film “Working Title” is being well received and is now being screened at some major film festivals and since, I have had several inquiries from other film makers that have asked me about licencing my songs for their work, including one that has promises of distribution with HBO, Sundance Channel, Discovery Channel, and selected theaters upon it’s release in 2008.
The Dark Architecture was completed in early 2006 and was produced by J.P. Bowersock (Ryan Adams, the Strokes) . We’re both very proud of this record and I’m hoping to make another one in 2007.

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