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New song: Ride the Wave

RIDE THE WAVE! Let's rock, everybody! This hard rock anthem is produced by the amazing Arden Snow, who not only arranged, mixed and mastered the song, he played guitars on it. This type of music is a new venture for Arden and myself and it was a heck of a lot of fun! I would like to thank my friends Robert Quigley and Scott Jordan for a few lyrical edits, and my wife, Lora, for the lyrics in the bridge.
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4 hours ago to John Walradt

Hey John once again wow thank you so much for the great review of "Gothic Blue" Greatly appreciated and much needed. haha I was very nervous about even putting it up for review as I'm afraid one of the philistines might trash it and that would break my heart...Thank so much my friend.

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John Walradt
4 hours ago

You betcha, my friend, and you can believe every word I wrote!

Jim Aitken
17 hours ago to John Walradt

Enjoyed Far from home again and Just another Weekend!
Song comes alive when the warm bass comes in, and your vocalist has a happy go lucky sound! The whole song has a friendly carribean influence!
So simple and effective melody.
Nice one John!
5 stars no bother!

Ride the wave would be a great background song for a surfing movie!
They need songs like this fir big sporting events!
Drums at the beginning set the tone for a solid, hard hitting song!
Again, five stars well earned young man!
What are you onto now?

I have a song on video here called, "Sunset" where the Lyric has no chorus, but is a story in the mould of Pete Seger, Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard! (Not that I am in their league of course)
Look it up!
I have not released it as yet, but need it somewhere I can get a link to share it.
Again, enjoy!
Good to talk!

3 days ago to John Walradt

Hey John "Ride the Wave" sounds awesome, man you really nailed it on this one. What a great rockin song makes me want to sing and shout along. Very well done my friend....

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3 days ago

Hey John well that's certainly something to consider I would be proud to be part of such a project. "Ride the Wave" really hits the mark for sure. congrats on a great song my friend.

John Walradt
3 days ago

Wow, thank you, Scott! That's exactly what I'm hoping with this song...to make people shout and sing! Shaun (Arden Snow) did a knockout job with it. He really made it rock! He's a regular Todd Rundgren...does everything! I have an idea that we should do as The Rising Tide: an album called, "The Blue Wave," to excite people with some really ear catching songs.

John Walradt
3 days ago

I would be proud to be part of a project with you and everyone in our group! It would be an exciting venture!

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