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John Haydon is creating a song-based experimental sound, using electronics, loops and processors while still keeping melody, harmony and an organic lo-fi sound centerstage. His next record is slated for release later in 2007.

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From milkshakes to macbooks

Just like Joe Henry, Bob Dylan, Luna and Beck, John Haydon is a songwriter and inventor - constantly re-inventing and changing styles, sounds and influences. For the past 13 years, Haydon has been developing an honest and direct, yet refined songwriting voice. Each song seems to be balanced like a see-saw with loneliness and despair on one end and hope and determination on the other end. His record "She's Gone" (on iTunes) was released shortly after the death of his Mom in 2002.

**Boston Globe: "Buddy Holly-meets-Hank Williams heartbreak tempered by a Rhett Miller new-world perspective..."

** "...for the No Depression set; old school all the way, its aching lyrics and longing harmonies are proof that the heart of alternative country is still beating. The songs are a study of the similarities between Hank Williams and AC/DC."

** " between a Johnny Cash or Tom Petty disc and you'd never guess these boys are yanks from Boston."

**Shredding Paper: "This is an incredibly good, country-folk album. While Haydon's voice would fit perfectly in any folk festival, it is also accessible to a roots-rock crowd. And while the songs average more than 4 minutes, they pass fleetingly. Ah versatility. Definitely 'A' material!"

**Boston Herald: "Quality roots music... twang and pang!"

John has played bass, guitar and has sung in several bands, including Five Dollar Milkshake, Timbre Project and Matt Duane Griffin before launching his own band, "John Haydon" in 2000. In 2003 he started "The Hayseed Prophets" which performed at many local bars including Plough & Stars, Lizard Lounge and TOAD in Cambridge, MA. They released a record titled "Future Looks Bright" that is now on iTunes.

More recently, John is creating a song-based experimental sound in his home studio, using electronics, loops and processors while still keeping melody, harmony and organics at the core of his music. Additionally, he is working with Margaret Garrett from Mr. Airplane Man on a duo project called LoveLetter.

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