I've been writing songs for many years and was the lead singer/songwriter for the award winning country rock band called
TEXAS in the late 70's--early 80's.

Since then I have continued writing,recording,and sharing my songs with various artists and commercial venues but it wasn't until I met my producer Chip Martin in 2003 that I was able to finally start elevating my songs to the highest quality. We started working together in July 2005 and have recorded 51 songs together so far and released my first solo CD entitled HEY---GUITAR and my second CD entitled WRANGLER. We've finished recording all 16 songs for my third CD entitled "NEIGHBORHOOD" which was released in March 2009.

Thanks to Roy Elkins.....we can continue to support each other here at BROADJAM.

Let's make this a "blockbuster" 2010 and please visit
http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_368111 where you can purchase fifty six (56) of my songs and two (2) ringtones.

Latest News

My producer Chip Martin and I will be recording the basic tracks of our 54th song together on Monday. We've finished recording all of the 16 songs that comprise my new CD entitled "NEIGHBORHOOD"....which was released in March 2009. Now recording songs for "DIRT ROAD" which is my fourth CD due for release in 2011.

www.thejerduderocks.com or www.reverbnation.com/jerryleesurberrocks

Brief Biography

From my birthplace of Shamrock, Texas (pop. 2000 and dwindling) I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, and currently for the last 18 years in Tennessee.
As the son of a Southern Baptist minister and an Elementary School teacher I learned 'right from wrong' at a very young age. Thanks to that strict upbringing I learned that there is a time and a place for individual expression...........at least when it was considered 'acceptable'. My songs have always been my emotional outlet......much like all those Gospel songs that I sang while growing up.....were to all those people in the various church congregations where my Dad preached.
I am eternally grateful for all my creative gifts and talents and I'm very proud to share them with the Universe.
My songs are all part of who I have always been and will become as we move forward with our lives. As you listen to each of them...just think of each song as part of a journey that I am so very fortunate to still be here to enjoy.
Being able to communicate and help people by sharing my music and songs with them is really the only reason I'm still here........just like I say in EDUCATED REDNECK.
Thankyou..........for allowing me the privilege of continuing to share my life with you through my songs.
I ain't done yet!!!!!! We've still got a long way to go.
I appreciate everyone taking the time to listen to my songs.
the ever-grateful and humble songwritin' Texan Jer dude


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over 30 days ago to JERRY LEE SURBER

Still rockin'...........fourth CD entitled "DIRT ROAD" to be completed in a few months.....pushing the envelope further into Country Rock with an edge!!!! Thanks for listening Roy Elkins.....take care.

over 30 days ago to JERRY LEE SURBER

Just stopping by to say hello and to submit two songs for the Country Category.

Take care and never stop rocking!!!!!

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