Jeff was born in Hertfordshire UK, where he discovered he had an ear for music following a school 'Tone' test. So he decided to teach himself to play the Guitar and after a few years of experimentation with various keyboards, he decided the style of music that he wrote naturally was in the 'Chillout' genre, although his musical tastes and influences include a variety of artists from Pink Floyd, Genesis and Marillion to Moby, Boards of Canada and Jon Hopkins.

He has now written and produced eleven albums to date. Including a New Age album entitled 'Natural Sleep' specially created to induce a good nights sleep. Released worldwide with Paradise Music.

Jeff has recently collaborated with established and respected artists in the music industry including Jonathan Atkinson an established TV composer and Abhijit Pohankar a well known artist and composer in India.

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Latest News

Recently had a track placed for a DVD adaptation of Jackie Collins' novel 'Paris Connections'


Unique, uplifting, electronic Chillout music.

Jeff has written and produced seven albums since 2002.

His third album 'Fading Paradise' was recently chosen to be a CD which accompanied a bathroom gift pack in Hong Kong.

One of Jeff's tracks - 'Your Love (The Dark)' (featured on received an excellent review in a UK publication: 'Future Music Magazine' in September 2005 praising the style and production quality of the song.

Jeff has also received stacks of positive independent reviews - mostly from music websites such as,,, Apollo tunes, Indie 911, and Myspace etc.

One recent review from 'Orphic Music' a website dedicated to music similar to 'Enigma' praised Jeff's use of synthesized sounds and his song writing abililties describing his music as more chilled and meditative.


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