Heavily influenced by the Beatles and other icons of the fifties and sixties, James does faithful covers as well as original songs in various styles and genres from Country,Rockabilly, Folk, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Oldies, Blues and good ole Rock and Roll!

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Just released a new cd of original love songs. entitles THE SUN WILL SURELY RISE.

Singer/Songwriter: JAMES SHEPARD

I was born when I was very young, I've grown up a little since then. After seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, I knew what I wanted to be...a host of a variety show...no, a rock and roll singer.
I began playing guitar, singing and writing songs in 1964. My musical mentors were the likes of Lennon/McCartney, Nilsson, James Taylor, Neil Young, The Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and Christian icons, Phil Keaggy, Malcolm and Alwyn , Keith Green and others.
I write in various styles and genres from Rockabilly, Gospel, Worship, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Oldies, Blues, Country and others. I also do many recordings of cover songs.
About eight years ago, I began marketing my music to film and t.v. productions. I have had many songs placed in t.v. shows around the globe, including several songs inthe hit drama in England, "The Bridge".a feature documentary "Taylor's Gift" to be released soon, A feature film, "Angel Camouflaged" starring James Brolin and a cover of the Beatles, "All My Loving" used in a Toyota t.v. commercial in Europe. Recently, one of my blues originals, "Bumble Bee Flat Blues", was placed in the feature documentary "I Ain't Scared Of You", A Tribute To Bernie Mac".
You can listen to few of my songs here and hundreds of other songs are available for licensing. Would love to hear from you!

I am always looking for new venues to market my music and songs.

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James Shepard
over 30 days ago to James Shepard

Happy to say I just released a new cd project! A contemporary Christian collection of originals and covers of
eclectic artist including The Beatles, CArole King and LArry Norman! Three songs produced by the legendary artist, Phil Keaggy. http://cdbaby.com/cd/jamesshepard8 1

James Shepard
over 30 days ago to James Shepard

I have to wonder about some of the opportunities that stagnate for three months and have never been listened to once! Happy to take our five bucks but not in a hurry to do their part and consider anyone..things that make you go hmmmm....

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Jo Ann Hudson
over 30 days ago

Yep, big-time "MMMMMMMMMMM"!!! Or, in the alternate, they repeatedly listen to a song I submit, weeks apart, sometimes listen to it up to 18 times, view my profile, then wind up not picking anyone or even considering anyone. Oh, well, thank God for CDbaby, iTunes, etc. At least those people "provide" a weekly deposit into my bank account, albeit it ain't much yet because I only have one album on there so far; but at least it pays one of my bills each month. I am sure you know where I'm coming from!

James Shepard
over 30 days ago to James Shepard

Heads up..Just received notice, that I was a high runner-up in the SONG OF THE YEAR international contest. Although I did not win, I was in there fighting to the end...
http://writer.songoftheyear.com/jamesshepard.html 1

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