Celtic Fusion trio, Jaiya, from the wild west coast of BC, is a tonic for our troubled times. Passionate about making music that is both beautiful and life-affirming, Jaiya has released two albums, Beltane: Songs for the Green Time and Firedance: Songs for the Winter Solstice. Sublime female harmonies, lyric harp, and haunting pennywhistle combine with the earthy rhythms of accordion and drums “in a warming acoustic stew that is both earthy and spiritual." —Monday Magazine. Jaiya’s lyrics invite us to celebrate our connection to the earth and the seasons and cycles of life.

“Firedance has freshness, style and clarity… given freely with conviction and passion!” —CBC Radio

“Superb… rich with classy stylings, vocals and musicianship shining throughout.” —KCLC FM 89.1, USA

“Mystic and Celtic, pushes you over the top. Listen and believe.”
—Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin, Germany

“Most highly recommended!” —Pan Gaia Magazine

Jaiya Backgrounder

If the land could sing, its voice would be Jaiya. This trio from the wild, west coast of Canada puts heart and soul into making music that celebrates our connection to the earth and to one another. Audiences find their live performances, which often incorporate elements of ritual and theatre, "powerfully uplifting", "moving", and "stirring." Reviewers and Radio Hosts from Canada and the US, to Australia and Europe have praised Jaiya's expert musicianship and their life-affirming vision.

All three members of Jaiya are multi-instrumentalists who share the writing and arranging of their original music. Together they play harp, piano, accordion, guitar, flutes, hand drums and percussion. Over this rich instrumental framework soar Miranda Brown's and Lael Whitehead's sublime vocal harmonies and evocative lyrics. The result is a tonic for our troubled times. Jaiya truly waves a magic wand that goes straight to your soul! (Boudica Reviews).

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