Jersey-bred J. Fontaine is a former hip hop break-dancer whose early career provided him and his crew commercial success and appearances by his team in music videos. Fontaine experienced the opportunity to showcase his dancing talents throughout Philadelphia night clubs as a paid performer. His enthusiasm for creativity and the hip hop culture played a major roll in the growth and his education as a musician.
While crafting one hand's talent on the turntables, Fontaine was shaking hands with the other; introducing himself to the music industry's elite. Fontaine built a network of names that led to his connection with several American Idol contestants who lent their vocals to some of J's tracks. J. Fontaine, a Pennsylvania-born Italian, knows music goes deeper than superficial standards and has been welcomed into the hip hop community by eager ears.
As a performer and a producer J. Fontaine's passion runs deep. His stand-out work ethic is solid and his talent is palpable. Along
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J. Fontaine
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J. Fontaine, has released his debut album, J. Fontaine Presents, featuring his own music production as well as production by Knoxx, Joe Budden and Serius Jones. Available now on Sound Cloud.

J. Fontaine's enthusiasm for creativity and love for the art of Hip Hop and its music has allowed him to grow as an artist and master multiple elements of hip hop, including musical production and DJ'ing. J. Fontaine himself refers to the album as a "Diddy-Style album"; that is, J. Fontaine Presents features a number of talented artists and musicians offering an eclectic sound and vibe.

You can currently hear their music spinning on top-notch radio broadcasts, as well as witness their viral dominance. ixtapes/sets/j-fontaine-presents

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