My name is Tiago da Silva and I compose and produce music for film, games, documentaries, television, audiobooks, websites and other media. I'm also experienced in sound design, capable of creating realistic audio landscapes, sound effects, foley, and environmental ambience.

I am a composer, producer, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist, and audio programmer. I have the equipment and know-how to record and produce, and I have over ten years of compositional experience. I have received a Specialist Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games from Berklee College of Music.

I have been fortunate to work with some really great, creative people over the years, and I hope to work with many more in the future! I'm excited to take on new projects, so feel free to contact me!

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Recently completed the score to the short film, "Thank You", being released at SXSW in Austin, Texas.


it went like this is a musical project by me, tiago da silva. the goal of this project is to create versatile music for film, game, and other media sources. the music presented here ranges beyond definitive genre types. original compositions can be requested to fit the mood to your visual medium.

it went like this is also much more in terms of productivity. it is an umbrella for which all things below have been created or contributed by me. it is an all inclusive brand name to the totality of my personal work. though the focus is on music composition for media, solo album production never ceases, and i'm constantly working on several projects at once.

i am a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, trumpet), i have the equipment and know-how to record and produce, and i have 10 years of compositional experience. i am currently a student of berklee music for a specialist certificate in orchestrating and producing music for film and games. view my portfolio for examples of my work. i am available for hire, so feel free to contact me!

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rp music
over 30 days ago to Tiago da Silva

Thanks for your generous review on behalf of Brooke Pulin, my daughter!
As this is Claude Debussy's chart I didn't want to 'rock the boat' and stayed
with his arrangement!
Brooke and Claude have gotten to know each other rather well as Brooke has recorded
several of his pieces!
And, oh, by the way, Welcome To Broadjam!

over 30 days ago to Tiago da Silva

you're review of my song "cowboy on rodeo drive" held no interest to won the american song festival a few years back and everyone that's heard it remarks on the crafty lyrics/story i listened to 2 of yours..might be appropriate for soundtracks but too long on run time...

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Tiago da Silva
over 30 days ago

I do appreciate the return criticism. Congratulations on the song award. I do intend on using my tracks for soundtrack purposes anyhow, but thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for the great review of "Generations" (Hush). I love it when a reviewer hears it like I do. Thanks again for your very kind comments! Dave - CenterPeace

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