Intethod is a metal band, period. They do not compromise the characteristics that make music an art form. Intethod delivers melody, aggression, dynamics and song-writing ability in a music scene that inspires excellence.


Intethod (pronounced In-teth-ud, a word of Danish decent "intethed", which means "nothing".) was forged in the deep hills of North Carolina circa 2001. Rory Kelly (guitars, vocals) met Nolan Lawing (drums) at Western Carolina University and later brought Jermaine Williams on as bassist.

Intethod is a 3-piece metal outfit that has been shaped in the timeless, and sometimes forgotten, classic metal vein. Intethod does not believe in blending in. There are no coordinated outfits or staged acts, only amps, drums, attitude and the audience, who appreciate a no nonsense approach to metal. In their music, you will hear traces of "old-school" metal bands, where the musical ability and integrity of the genre really set the bar for today's metal. Bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Pantera, and Iron Maiden, are bands that Intethod will certainly admit to looking up to.

Intethod has had the pleasure of sharing many stages with hundreds of bands and with such national acts as The Misfits (Myrtle Beach, SC), Lamb of God (Old Bridge, NJ), Celtic Frost (Charlotte, NC), Dragonforce (Charlotte, NC), Sanctity (Asheville, NC), Between the Buried and Me (Charlotte, NC), Goatwhore (Charlotte, NC), Candiria (Old Bridge, NJ), E-Town Concrete (Old Bridge, NJ), Soilent Green (Charlotte, NC), and Demiricous (Charlotte, NC).


2007 Project Independent NC Invitational Showcase
2006 East Coast Showcase - Most Professional Band Nomination
2006 East Coast Showcase - Staff's Choice Finalist
2006 Project Independent Local Semi-Finalist
2006 Zippo Hot Tour Regional Semi-Finalist

Broad Jam - Heavy Metal Top Ten Chart - October 5, 2006

#1 INTETHOD - 'Break Down the Door'
#2 INTETHOD - 'Classification Zero'
#3 INTETHOD - 'Ghost of You"

Broad Jam - Top Ten Charts (Highest Rankings)

Song - 'Break Down the Door' - October 2006
#2 Earth
#1 Rock Song
#1 Heavy Metal Song
#1 North America
#1 South East
#1 North Carolina
#1 Male Vocals Production
#1 Other Tempo Production

Song - 'Classification Zero' - October 2006
#1 Heavy Metal Song
#4 Rock Song
#3 South East
#1 North Carolina
#3 Up Tempo Production

Song - 'Ghost of You' - October – 2006
#2 Heavy Metal Song
#3 North Carolina

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