Ingvi Þór Kormáksson is a songwriter from Iceland, 15 albums to his credit, 4 of which performed by JJ Soul Band, co-written by UK singer/songwriter, JJ Soul. Their music can be described as being a mixture of blues, jazz and funk (blues-(con)fusion). Ingvi has also written music for Icelandic vocalists (pop-latin-folk-jazz). Altogether ITK has had up to 200 of his compositions recorded by various artists. He writes in the AC genre, but jazzy chord progressions, blues, bossanova and samba rhythms are often featured in his music and sometimes folk music traditions can also be heard. Also we have here instrumental tracks in different categories.

Latest News

JJ Soul Band's last album was "BRIGHT LIGHTS" (2008).
Ingvi's 2012 album is LATÍNUDEILDIN - LATIN FACULTY (2012), a collection of bossanova, samba, etc. performed by Icelandic vocalists + Eivør from Faroe Islands and Jussanam from Brasil.
2016 solo piano album performed by Icelandic jazz pianist and composer, Agnar Már Magnússon.
2019-2021; diverse instrumentals featured on Instrumental Collection and Instrumental Collection II (Spotify).


1. prize Funk/Latin/Reggae/World + 3. Overall Prize; 100% Music Songwriting Contest, 2008
1. prize (latin category); Song Expo (Benelux International Song & Culture Festival), 2003 ,
1. prize (instrumental / jazz category); UNISONG 2004,
2. prize; "Runner Up" (World Music Category); John Lennon Songwriting Contest, 2004

1. prize; R&B/Jazz category; USA Songwriting Competition, 1997 - CITY LIFE
Finalist (jazz&blues); UK Songwriting Contest, 2003 - MOONBRIGHT - MOONLIGHT
1. prize; Jazz/Blues cat.; Pacific International Song Contest, 2005 - ANGELIQUE
Finalist (Open); IAMA, 2011 - FRONT PAGE NEWS
1st Place Award; SongPrize, 2004 - COOL TONIGHT
Nomination, HMMA, Hollywood Music in Media 2015 - REALLY WILD
Honor Award; The Great American Song Contest, 2000 - CAN´T WAIT A LIFETIME
Finalist; UK Songwriting Contest, 2002 - THE TIMES WE'RE LIVING IN
1. prize; Dallas Songwriters ass. Song Contest, 2019 (Instrumental - SPECIAL FEATURE
Finalist (Jazz/Blues) UNISONG International Song Contest 2009 - BRIGHT LIGHTS
Honor Award; USA Songwriting Competition 2001 - THE MIRROR
Nomination, HMMA, Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013 - ENDURING LOVE
Finalist; USA Songwriting Competition, 2021 - PAGO PRA VER

and many more ...

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over 30 days ago to Ingvi Thor Kormaksson

Loved listening to your cool tracks the other evening, and thank you for your comments and rating on "Under the Skin", can't believe how many outstanding talents here on Broadjam, found your work very inspiring!!!!

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Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
over 30 days ago

Thank you, Diane. Loved your music too.

over 30 days ago to Ingvi Thor Kormaksson

Thank you Ingvi, for the *****s on "Try Me" and "My Love for You" with Junior Murrell; appreciate your support!

1 Replies
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
over 30 days ago

Ditto, Cyndi.

Love 'Instant'. Great keys touch.

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Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
over 30 days ago


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