Being here on Broadjam.com with the Buddies I've gott'n to know is just the Greatest Thing! I wish something like this had been around when I was starting out.
If You're Just Starting Out...your lucky..you could'nt be in a better place to show the world what you can do!

Thank You to All my Peers!
Thank You Sara!!! Thank You Boss-Roy!!!

Ian Kenny is a member of The PRS for Music.

Latest News

Now Playing All Instruments on my recordings: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards/synthesizers and Drums.
I purchased a nylon string classical "Manuel Rodriguez model C" from Simon Aldred (Cherry Ghost) which I'm really lovin'...and to think my Fave' songwriter owned and played this very guitar !
AND...if you like Guitar Instrumentals,..head over to G.I.Music page- use the search bar at the top of the page...you wont be disappointed !

Broadjam Chart Entries

"I WILL ALWAYS WALK WITH YOU" reached No1. in the Fan Picks Male Chart.
Mr MARVINS SHUFFLE & THE DOOR placed in Broadjams Charts.
SORRY TO TROUBLE YOU & I HEAR,I SEE, I DO made The Top10 Rap Alternative Charts.
Cant Take It No More #1 UK Chart & #3 Europe Chart.
Thanks to My Bjam Buddies.

Broadjam 6pack Success

6pack 08...Placed 3rd in the 6th Challenge..."The Multi-lingual Can" and Placed 6th Overall.

6pack 09...Winner of the 5th Challenge..."The Cover Song Can"..
with My Covers of "You Are My Sunshine" and "Georgia On My Mind"
and Placed 4th Overall.

6-pack 2010...2nd place in the 3rd Challenge...The "Picture Can"
4th place in the 2nd Challenge the
"Let it All Hang Out Can"....and
7th Place Overall.

Thanks to My Peers and Broadjam.

I'll be forever Grateful to "The Boss" Mr.Roy Elkins !

Wins & Success

Congratulations to the following winners of the Guitar Player Picks Song Contest - Winter '09!


Ian Kenny

Locality: Kent, United Kingdom

The Song: "Awakening"

What We Dug: Kenny takes his time setting up "Awakening"-appropriate, given the title-and employs a fat, overdriven tone to drive home his beautiful, laconic, and airy melodic lines. While the massive tone pretty much bullies any sense of dynamics, Kenny manages to evoke vocal-esque phrasing with a masterful use of bends, finger vibrato, and tremolo-bar manipulations

Guitar Player Magazine Staff.

Once upon a time

Ian has been a Pro Musician since he was 15 years old. He was signed to Carlin
Publishers at age 20, collaborating with many Name Artists and Touring extensively through UK, Europe,Canada and U.S.A.
As a Songwriter/Composer, Musician,
Audio Engineer and Producer and having his own Recording Studio...Ian is in the happy position of being in contol of his Productions from Start to Finish.
Ian loves writing Songs and Instrumentals...but He has also produced 2 Meditation CDs
both of which were written around the Keys of the 7 Chakra's..The Magical Path and Peaceful Energy play time 20mins each.
If you would like to know more check out


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over 30 days ago to Ian Kenny

hows u ??

George Cochrane
over 30 days ago to Ian Kenny

Hi Ian
Got your name from PGO.
Trying to find out if we have a musical connection.
What band or bands did you play with before you went to America?

2 Replies
Ian Kenny
over 30 days ago

Hi George,
Les Sounds in the 60s, The Mob, Salvation, and The Dream Police in the 70s, toured Europe, Canada and The States mid 70s to mid 80s as sound engineer for the name acts of the day....then I had to go try find myself again....and here we are !

George Cochrane
over 30 days ago

I played with Studio 6 in 1967, - keyboards- we toured Europe finished up in Portugal after 1 year where we split up.Our bass player was a guy called
Malcolm Sergeant who was the lead guitarist with a clydebank band called the Apaches.He still lives in portugal .Anyway, I had a conversion with Jeff Roberts who asked if I was influenced by the sound of AWB.Studio 6, along with the Poets etc. used to do the radio Scotland clan balls ,so we played a gig at the Hub in clydebank along with Dream Police.
Peter had asked me if I knew you from Brain Police so that's how this all started.
I have came back to music after about 20 years ,not playing but trying to write songs.
Nice to hear from you.
If you ever get bored you can tell me about Brain Poilce , that would be one hell of a story.
Keep in touch

Ian Kenny
over 30 days ago to Ian Kenny

Best Guitarist I've worked with !...and I've worked with some Crackers !...Enjoy !

http://www.broadjam.com/artists/songs.php?artistID=102467&mediaID=647046&play=true 1

2 Replies
Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago

and, don't forget - you're one helluva cracker old mate

Ian Kenny
over 30 days ago

Hey Peter me mate, crackers maybe...lol...and certainly old....but I Thank You!...and So Are You me mate!...helluva cracker that is...lol

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