Maribeth Alexander is a pianist and a composer.Maribeth Alexander's music is peaceful and calming to the soul--music that truly "touches the heart of the listener". Playing the piano is her passion, and her music combines some of the styles of the classical composers with more "new age" sounds. She has recorded three albums: "Creation: A Musical Tapestry", "Love Themes", and "Mary's Song". The first has been described as "movie music", while the reviews of the second are that the songs are "peaceful, calm, and soothing." The most recent

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"Mary's Song", Maribeth's latest album, is a collection of six songs depicting the emotions of Mary Magdalene in the days leading up to the crucification of Christ. The songs are passionate, emotionally charged, and truly touch the heart.

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Music has been my passion since childhood, beginning my piano studies at the age of 8.

Sharing the love of music with others is something I always wanted to do. Writing songs and recording them has allowed this desire to come to pass.

In writing music, my desire is to write songs that touch the heart of the listener, with the message of the music being felt and understood in a special way.

I have currently written and recorded two albums/ CD's: "Creation: A Musical Tapestry", and "Love Themes". There have been many reviews/ comments about how "peaceful" the songs are, and that they "calm the soul."

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I hope you like my song "In Dreamland".

Just uploaded a song I recently recorded, "Wings of the Morning". I hope you like it!

over 30 days ago to Maribeth Alexander

'Creation' so beautiful I gave it 5 stars

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Maribeth Alexander
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much! I went to your page and listened to "Scarborough Fair"--it is one of my most loved songs of all times! Thank you for finding my music--I'm so glad to find yours!

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