Music producer/composer/aspiring music supervisor.

Trademark: Bombastically simple, beautiful melodies.

I hear things differently than others. I consider assimilation easy and boring. I prefer to create the unexpected, which truly does aid my signature approach. Listen for yourself...let me know.
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David Michael Walsh
over 30 days ago to Telmo Miranda


Congratulations on being considered for this opportunity:

Orchestral Tracks with Piano: Needed for publishing consideration

Have you had any placement through broadjam?


David Michael Walsh

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Telmo Miranda
over 30 days ago


Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. No placements as of yet, but I only dwell upon the end result, which is to be regularly licensed through this robust and abundant site that is Broadjam. Luckily I have just been informed of my first of many publishing possibilities that I am truly excited about. It has begun, indeed.

Take care,


Amy Cooper
over 30 days ago

Congrats you are fantastic, beautiful music. Bravo....

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