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Goodnight Argent's song Battlegrounds has won the Grand Prize in Pop for the John Lennon Songwriting contest, as well as 1st place in Pop from the West Coast Songwriters and awards from the Billboard world song contest, and the International Songwriting competition.

Goodnight Argent is being featured by US Airways July/August 2011 on their inflight radio station, catering to 3,244 International and National flights, with 610,000 passengers.

Goodnight Argent

Definitely not strangers to the roller coaster ride that is the music business, having been part of a powerhouse group on the rise that splintered due to conflicting creative directions, the band took their experience, dedication, and the loyal fans they had picked up along the way and soldiered on reinventing themselves as Goodnight Argent - the name a sly nod to how much time they were spending at their studio on Argent Road.

Slowly, their hard work and dedication to their craft began to yield dividends. They took the Grand Prize in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition (Pop), and also received awards from both the Billboard and the International Songwriting Competition. After working with Darryl Swann, best known for his work on the Macy Gray smash "I Try," on honing and refining their songwriting and production skills, cutting away the extraneous pieces to leave only the essentials, the results were strong, sterling, guitar-driven pop songs that evince the group's mastery of a hook, their keen ear for a radio-ready chorus, and the kind of craftsmanship that results from dedication and hard work.

"I love listening to Pop music, but every once in a while I have to go to a deeper record just to feel that connection. What I hope that we do is bridge those two worlds." Says band's front man Chase Manhattan, and bridge them they do - not by being rock & roll casualties or falling prey to thousands of timeworn clich├ęs. Instead, Goodnight Argent does what is, perhaps, the most novel thing of all: they work hard, and they produce solid, irrefutable pop songs that move both body and soul.


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Susan Witzel
over 30 days ago to Night Argent

Devil's Own daughter- really original Great sound you guys have. Want to check out more after I dig my car out!!!

Steve April
over 30 days ago to Night Argent

Very groovy "Ignorance is paradise", wowee! happenin' musicality, turned on to ya by robert adams 'favorite songs...'
in music,
Steve April

would like to hear you on the radio...

Jesse Spawn
over 30 days ago to Night Argent

Just wanted to say that I love battlegrounds - I can't stop listening to it! Other tracks are solid too, but that one is the best IMO!

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