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From diapers, through high school and beyond, Minneapolis native Robert Mitchem has always been consumed with music. While playing in the school band and singing in the choir he was exposed to all different genres of music; Holst to Gershwin, Mozart to the Beatles. While learning music theory in high school, his music teacher, dully impressed with the young mans skills, told Rob it would benefit him to learn multiple instruments. This revelation exposed Rob to the mechanics of instrumentation, music composition, orchestration, arranging and scoring which led to MIDI instrumentation, production and recording where Rob blossomed and hence, Robbie Rob was born.

Drawing inspiration for his tracks from the music he grew up with and various musical endeavors, we all benefit from the result: unique, mellifluous, memorable tracks.


The nerve center of Syrka Entertainment, we affectionately refer to Andye as "The High Priestess of Gettin' S**t Done" because, well, she gets s**t done.

As the head of Artist Management and Development, Andye takes her 25+ years of experience to guide our talent through every facet of their music business needs. Whether it's negotiating contracts or hemming up backline requirements, this classically trained pianist, author and champion of companion animal health works hard so our talent can focus on being creative and not suffer from "Eager Artist Syndrome."

When Andye takes a well-deserved break from keeping Syrka business in order, you're likely to find the self-referred "pure-bred Minnesotan" lying on a beach in Zihuantanejo or chatting up lobbyists in Washington DC.

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Very talented vocalist enjoyed Man 4 me

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