Dear Friends:
Please be advised that I would like to discontinue my membership before the next billing cycle. Hopefully you will get this email. I got no response to my last one. I had some questions about how the site works and wondered why my page was filled with reviews by other artists material addressed to Roy Elkins. ??? I find your site rather convoluted and the process an little confusing. . I made 11 song reviews and I got no feedback on my submissions. I submitted to a licensing oppotunity and got a statistic back the next day. I can no longer seem to find the status of my submissions or whether my submission has gone up or down. in the ratings. Please acknowledge that you have recieved this email and have canceled my membership.
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Lowell Adams
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J E Fleurent
over 30 days ago to Lowell Adams

Thanks for the review of All you got! It is a wierd song and has got a lot of feedback from strange to " I see a man looking over pics of women in his kitchen" so it's connected somehow. The song is recorded and written in 33 minutes from start to post on broadjam!!!! Thanks again, ---Jim

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