Love and Gravity.
It is possible that someone so traveled as he can not help but have a broader view. Born in Argentina, he quickly found himself living in and visiting countries many of us have only seen in movies : Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Russia, England, Egypt, Israel and the United States have all left a mark in his person and by extension, his music.
His music constantly uses different moods but is always very much rooted in relevance and never strays into clich├ęs; from 3 minute rockers to piano and strings ballads, the flavors of rock spike and dip with an underlying force that binds his entire catalog- the drama of lost relationships depicted in ways both personal and grand.
Like love and gravity.

Gustavo Lovato has also, since 2005, released 100% not-for-profit compilation records called 'Abrazos' ('hugs' in Spanish) that benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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The strings version of 'Darkness is in Love With You' is:

#1 in the Rock-Easy Listening Broadjam chart!
#1 in the Maryland chart.
#3 in the Production-Other Tempo chart.
#10 in the Mid Atlantic chart.

very happy about that!

The Abrazos 2011 single on iTunes is doing very well. Thank you for your support.

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Pete Hansen
over 30 days ago to Gustavo Lovato

Dear Mr. Gustavo Lovato,
Thank you for your review of our song "Nyles Nile", I do have challanges to overcome when trying to add to my brother John's incredible classical guitar style. What we do is record his musical creations as a solo track on his profile page and then with added instrumentation uploaded on both our profiles to make available 2 versions. Maybe some seasoned violin or other stringed instrument pros will offer to work with us to create something very powerful. Again, Thanks and welcome to Broadjam

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