Music keeps me in motion.... I am a multi instrumentalist, I play compose & collaborate.
I do my best to express music to its full honest potential, to stay true to it, through the myriad of instruments surrounding me, I carefully capture its essence.
Right NOW, is where music happens.

Lissa Käthe - The Journey

Dream/Lyrical music, inspired by elements, journeys, poets, philosophers, history, future and the essence of our emotions.... Immerse into this simply honest and graceful music, unfolding musicality so natural, like a peach blossom bursting into flower.

A child of music, theater, and performance... Lissa~Käthe breathes her music, bringing to us an honesty richer than you can imagine. With bands in the 90's including the alternative dream/pop 6 piece 'Elemental' (Vocals, keys & button accordion), smooth Celtic group 'Blackthorn' (Vocals, Fretless Bass & button accordion) plus many Musical Theater escapades on stage and/or technical production, including production team & sound tech for the spectacular Australian debut of Richard Harvey & Ralph Steadman's 'THE PLAGUE & THE MOONFLOWER' 2003 tour to the Woodford folk festival, lead role in the musical stage production 'The Music Man' 2004 and then chorus in the opera 'Orpheus In The Underworld' Lissa~Käthe then performed a concert on piano in 2006 of her own music, complete with Quartet, percussionist & 4 backing vocalists to embellish her mellifluous harmonies. In 2007 Lissa~Käthe spread her wings and flew to the UK to fulfill performance invitations in Yorkshire and the West coast of Scotland, to be received with enormous plaudits, dazzling all who drew close to hear, she brought the Laired of one venue to overwhelming tears... ! Her music expressed in humble arrangements of voice & piano, or bold String Quartet, Flutes, Lyre, Bass, percussion and electronica, in fact a myriad of any instruments that inspire her. An opportunity to sing for the more recent work of stage and film composer Elena Katz-Chernin & Ralph Steadman's 'Gods Drawing Board' was to inspire her further in composition. Recently completing a Diploma in Screen & Media her creativity ignited in composing for visual art also. A songwriter of immense perception, her journey inspiring her every musical expression. Composer, arranger, performer, producer of every sound you hear, Remarkable..!


Aremi Legard
over 30 days ago to Lissa~Käthe

Hi, your song "home" is very beautyful. Keep your way.

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thankyou Garibaldi, enjoy as often as you desire xo

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