I didn't classify myself as religious, because for me, religion is stuff like 'I believe in fairies and TOTALLY LOVE ROBOTS!' I don't sing about my religion (it's weird anyway).

Instead, I sing a lot about a real man, a real God, who became a real dude, who really died because he really, really, really did love me and really wanted me in heaven with him (rather than hell, where I really belong.) It's about the ultimate Romeo and Juliet story, where we're separated from each other by who we are, and what we've done, and what others have done--only His death brings us both life. These songs are our love-story and my life on my journey towards the bliss that is perfect love. Really.

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They're expiring my membership today.

So play all my songs, quickly, before they go away...because they will go, and then you will never ever see them again.

Well, that's a little melodramatic...if you like anything, let me know. I can get it for you before they take it away.

It's a...kid!

So yeah, I'm just a kid who likes to sing. The eternal singing kid...heh, Petre Pan (spelled such so as not to steal the name of the original). So I want to immortalize that kid in song, so he doesn't get a chance to grow up, because that voice, once sung into a recording, never ages. So in my tracks you'll hear babies, kids, and 11 year old girls singing. You'll also hear college students, high schoolers, and moms, because we are all that kid every now and then. I'm Jen, and I go around the world looking for beautiful sounds.

I was born not too long ago, and I've been writing little songs and things since I was six. I like learning new things, birds, fighting, dancing, skateboarding, listening to music, history, science, and traveling.

Hey, have a good day, okay? And when you get a chance, let me know what the most important sound in the world is.


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