Reason is a beatmaker/producer with over a decade of experience in engineering and music production. Reigning from Milwaukee, Reason has participated in national producer showcases such as Istandard (L.A., NYC, CHI), Illmind's BLAP (NYC) also locally MTBD (MKE). With continued success landing placements with worldwide independent artist along with T.V./Video game music, Reason is well on his way to establish himself as the next go to music producer.

Being stationed in a midwest melting pot of music, Reason has developed a sound that grabs from all coasts. With influences of Organized Noise, DJ Toomp, Eric Sermon, Dr. Dre and others; He has been able to mold his own musical timestamp in Hip Hop production. Known as a "studio hermit" with incredible work ethic, Reason ensures that all projects he touches will have the essintinals of being great.

About Reason

Some people are naturally talented in the field of music, with an ear for what sounds good and their fingers on the pulse of what listeners really want to hear. Other people work diligently to develop their craft, devoting long hours and striving continuously for perfection. It's rare to find all of those qualities in one person. Add to that a personality that motivates artists, management, and fans to give 100% to the music, because at the end of the day - WHAT MATTERS MORE THAN THE MUSIC? Everything Happens for a Reason. David 'REASON' Whitten Jr, is giving purpose to solid production and quality sound. With Reason you get natural ability, hard work ethic, adaptability AND pure audio heat. With Reason you get everything. The music is everything! Reason is not new to the industry, or a old throwback producer. He's a professional music producer in his prime. He's worked with Milwaukee's most notable talent and helped the aspiring artists achieve more than they ever imagined. He's given life to their projects. Instead of his beats following trendy burnouts in music, he uses sounds that are classically hot and versatile. He's leading in the field where other producers can only hope to follow. His publishing company - Everything Happens 4 A Reason - is a culmination of years of experience and networking in the community. Reason doesn't need an introduction. You already know what it is. And he prefers to let the beats introduce themselves...

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