The Ghostmen have been around for a wild,Playing in Boston in the Under Ground.He has been working on his career and songs.He
is a Music Producer,Song Writer,Music Engineer and sings his own songs.He's been do this going back to the 90's.He is professional
musician doing all kinds of music.Now specializing in digital music inhandsments.He is an up comeing Artist, that just will not stop Producing new music.He is the founder of Ghost Productions and Ghost Records. He is now looking for a Producer.
There are 4 CD's out now with new songs comeing out. Some of his songs are sung with his keys on his key Board.You just have to hear it for your self.
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Gordon Ghostmen
over 30 days ago to Gordon Ghostmen

The Ghostmen are back and all new songs will be market soon on broadjam.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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