I'm really honored to have won two Broadjam contests in one month with "Breathe Your Name" for Song of the Month and "All I Ever Wanted" for Best Country Song.


2010 United Kingdom Song Contest - RUNNER-UP - Adult Contemporary Category - for my song "Hotel Elevator"

2009 Song Of The Year International Song Contest - WINNER - Adult Contemporary Category - "Hotel Elevator"

2009 Mike Pinder's (Moody Blues) Songwars - WINNER - Indie/Alternative Category - "Hotel Elevator"

I love writing songs. I am inspired by great songwriters like Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Sting, Jackson Browne and Jeffrey Steele. I try to write from the heart. My music has been described as "profound pop."

Thanks for listening.

Latest News

Broadjam News:

"Breathe Your Name" licensed for use in 4 different MTV shows, a reality series on VH1 and a show on the Oxygen Network.

"Long Way Home," "Wake Up," "Jetlag," and "I Dream of You" licensed for use in multiple MTV shows.

Broadjam - Song of the Month June '07
Broadjam - Country Song Contest June '07

So far:

"Hotel Elevator" - RUNNER-UP - 2010 United Kingdom Song Contest (UKSC) - Adult Contemporary Category
"Hotel Elevator" - WINNER - 2009 Song Of The Year International Song Contest - October Round - Adult Contemporary Category;
"Hotel Elevator" - WINNER - 2009 Mike Pinder's (Moody Blues) SongWars Competition - Fourth Quarter - Indie/Alternative Category;
"Jetlag" was featured in a promo for the indie festival film, "Grande Drip";
"I Hate It" was licensed by Teen Idol Winner Catalina Gagliotti;
Multiple songs were placed in music libraries through Broadjam for licensing to MTV, VH1 and the Oxygen Network;
"All I Ever Wanted" was included in both the Rock-Can-Roll Compilation CD benefiting the Cure Autism Now Foundation and the V4 Music Burnlounge Compilation CD;
"If Heaven Spoke" was awarded the Peacedriven Songwriters Award given to 15 artists around the world who use music to inspire and bring about social change;
"Breathe Your Name" received the Honor Award in the 2008 9th Annual Great American Song Contest;
"All I Ever Wanted," "Breathe Your Name," and "If Heaven Spoke" placed as finalists and honorable mentions in the 2007 V4 Music Song Contest, 2007 Unisong International Songwriting Competition and 2007 Song of The Year, respectively;
"Breathe Your Name" won Broadjam's Song of the Month for June '07;
"All I Ever Wanted" won Broadjam's Country Song Contest.


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Michael Wayne Avery
over 30 days ago to Tracy Scharf

Hi Tracy!

I've had the opportunity to listen to your work, Very nicely done!

No wonder you have had the successes you have had! Rock on and often!



Bob Porri
over 30 days ago to Tracy Scharf

Odd, funny, "couldn't put it down". Very nice Tracy.

Steven Arkley
over 30 days ago to Tracy Scharf


I just noticed that you listened to a few of my "songs"... Only Stay With Me is close to being a finished song and the rest were posted mainly to send to another friend of mine.
I asked you to consider Just Short of Love because it has no music written for it and it's a different from the rest of my stuff... It was reviewed by Steve Williams who owns Chapel studios in London... http://www.thechapelstudios.co.uk/Team.html... 1 he had a few questions but gave the lyrics a very favorable critique... check it out and the artists he has worked with...
I guess what I'm saying is, I'm hoping you don't make a decision to NOT contact me because of what you heard on my home page... or without reading the lyrics for Just Short of Love... I am definitely NOT a musician or singer...
Mostly I just wanted to clarify my intent after I saw you listened to those songs...
If I don't hear from you that's very understandable and I won't be bugging you again...
Thanks for taking the time to listen though, regardless of your decision...


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Steven Arkley
over 30 days ago


I've been working hard and have had several demos done since this last email... Have a listen when you have the time... I'm pretty excited about the way thes demos turned out...
Hope you are doing well and continuing to write great music...


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