I enjoy writing songs as a hobby to push the creative side of my brain. All the songs are pretty bare bones in terms of embellishment as I don't know any musicians to turn them into actual demo songs. The base tracks come from www.drumsforyou.com.

I kind of cross between a singer/songwriter feel and folk although I think it would be more singer/songwriter if I had the right collaborator.

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Jim Covington
over 30 days ago to Bennet Henry

Hey Bennet,
I have uploaded a few diverse tunes... stop by and take a listen if you can

Carrie Martin
over 30 days ago to Bennet Henry

Bennet thanks so much for stopping by and listening! I expect to have some new songs up soon. Keep up your good work. Glad we are connected so I can hear what you're up to!


over 30 days ago to Bennet Henry

Bennet my comrade in musical arms , you are a shining star in the musical cosmos ! " I will love you" is one of my favorite , tear jerk songs. i played it for my wife and she wept too! your pic looks like ur probly a kool dude. i wish you musical fortunes , royalties, talk shows and harmless groupies LOL
peace my bro'

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Bennet Henry
over 30 days ago

Thanks Chaz, I'm thinking I should start submitting it to some of the broadjam submissions for love songs. What other avenues do you use to try to get songs on the radar of other artists? I have just played around with writing songs but that is the one that I think in the hands of a professional producer could make it into a movie or something. Peace back. b

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