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Charles Harter is a huge natural prodigious talent.
In musical theatre, he has written, directed and produced over thirty nationally acclaimed major works, including rock operas, children’s musicals, musical comedies and one act musical dramas. Arrangements are tailored to the musicians available and range from brassy rock bands to full orchestras.
He has an amazing ability to work to impossible deadlines, and produce songs in styles to fit the demands of every conceivable dramatic situation arising from his fertile imagination.
These works contain some show stopping gems that demand and deserve a wider audience. Songs that capture the emotional impact of a golden moment in theatre.
He is noted for his outstanding melodies and the relatability of his work. Lyrically he responds to the demands of any situation – introspective- clever, witty, hilarious thought provoking.
Once scripted and scored, his shows have been published and produced in England and New Zealand. Numerous schools and dramatic societies have had highly successful productions.
But there are more strings to his bow:
He has just recently completed a cd of original songs which have gained national air play.
These were written simply as songs (without the inspiration of an enthusiastic cast and performance deadline). An exciting re-discovered direction for his creative energies. Today’s technology, and a well equipped home studio has meant he can at last put his writing and arranging talents to a more universal use.
With such a large pool of strong , successful, tested songs in every genre- it is hard to know where to start! The industry listings in Taxi will be the guiding light.
And the songs keep coming-!

He has just begun!!

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