All songs are first time takes so don't expect too much. I'll reload the songs when I get 'round to adding to them
Listen to my song 'Changing Rearranging' It would be close to what I think I'm like!!?? Have always written poems but never realised they were closer to songs. In the last 4/5 years I have concentrated on putting what I have to music and as my friends will tell you....mmm nice. Whatever that means!! Like many singer/songwriters I think some are OK but please let me know what you think.(Should I ever complete the set-up.) In the past three years I've had several songs reach the semi and finals of the UK songwriting contest so that's not too bad.If anyone living near me is interested in getting together to create more music let me know. I live in a small village called Muret just south of Toulouse.0562235178
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Hi Everyone 31.12.07
'Where do I go from here' is now at No the general folk alternative and No 4 in the French charts. A big thank you to all who gave me such good reviews.
Also, I've just uploaded another thirteen songs so have a listen and let me know what you think
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