I've been writing songs for a few years now and would love you to hear them. I hope to have some gig details up soon; in the meantime check out the recordings on the site.

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September was a good month. I got drafted in at the last minute to play keys for a musical in the Dublin Fringe festival. It went really well (sold out every night and got good reviews) and I kept in contact with the other guys in the band. Through them I got a gig playing piano for a jazz singer next week at the brand new Ritz Carlton hotel in Powerscourt, County Wicklow.
I also played guitar for a singer/songwriter and got a job teaching kids about climate change!


Jay (a nickname coined by a friend when they were eleven years old) studied Music at the University of Edinburgh, taking a road which, for those around him, was an obvious choice. Beginning with piano at the age of seven, Jay quickly waded into the world of music, adding clarinet, guitar and drums to his musical arsenal by the onset of his teens. At Edinburgh he studied Composition with Nigel Osborne and Harmony with John Kitchen.

Alongside his training in the techniques, history and theory of Western 'classical' music, Jay developed a keen interest in improvised music and songwriting. ?I remember writing my first fully-fledged song ? I locked myself away in the school's music studio (our little social bunker) and emerged, blinking, at the end of the day with a pageful of lyrics and chords that I was really proud of, that I wanted to play to anyone who'd listen.?
It wasn't until moving to Dublin in September 2001, though, that Jay's songwriting really began in earnest.
?I suppose it's just good old life experience; I've more to draw on now and I've been through some of the rough patches that bring us all closer together as people. I've had the privilege, too, of knowing some really great people who taught me to look at life in different ways. My songs are hopeful, sometimes desperately so. I really enjoy ? if that's the right word ? the bittersweet things in life and a lot of the music I love has that quality, in whatever genre. Whether it's a piano player spicing a beautiful song with his choice of harmony, Radiohead, Lamb, Ben Harper, The Divine Comedy, Sigur Rós or Low, that beautiful sadness that catches the back of your throat really resonates with me. Part of what drives me is defiance, too, standing up and shouting about something ? could be frustration at the world or it could be that you're in love.?

With a voice that invites comparison with Sting's and a guitar style influenced by those of Damien Rice and Iain Archer, Jay Wilson is an artist that you'll want to hear more of.

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