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Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, June 10, 1969, John Di-Shing Maisonet has been influenced by hip hop since the age of 9. Starting by battling in the parks and schools to entering contests and pressing up his own CDs, John has transformed his love for the hip hop culture to a business investment. With his former group, HGM, he produced a CD entitled “Hang Em High”, releasing an underground video for the single “Street Life” and maintaining a website to promote the group. The group had local success, but due to creative differences the group disbanded. After trying to promote several other acts he decided to venture on a solo project entitled “A Life In The Day Of”. An autobiographical CD with 8 tracks. But, this time he established his own label, teflon Entertainment, that he wishes to distribute his new material on.

teflon Entertainment is dedicated to the purity of the hip hop culture. The tracks are different from the hip hop that’s being played on the radio, but at the same time it is also compliant with radio format. The focus of “A Life In The Day Of” is to return hip hop back to the grittiness of it’s origins, but with today’s flavor.

“Teflon”, the CD’s first track, is expressing DaSheen/telfon Entertainment’s displeasure and discontent with the present state of hip hop. The track is set to a background of symphonic strings and a driving drum track with a hard-hitting hook.

The CD’s second banger, “Mi Maan” is a laid back, jazzy type track which expresses DaSheen/teflon Entertainment’s views on loyalty.

Track 3, “Hold Mee Down”, takes the listener back in the days when DaSheen first started in hip hop up to today’s grind.

“Uptown Tail”, a gangster tale, is a track that utilizes DaSheen’s story telling skills to an up-tempo groove. “Uptown Tail’ is one long verse with no hook and keeps the listener engrossed in the story until the climax.

“Bahd Mahn” is DaSheen/teflon Entertainment’s political statement on world matters. Set to an old school-type reggae track, the song shows DaSheen’s versatility and originality.

The track, “Remyniss”, is another track expressing DaSheen’s opinion on how the business end of hip hop is destroying the culture. The song “reminisces” back to when the game first started and takes a look at how it is now.

“Is It Bcause I’m Black” is DaSheen’s personal experiences and run-ins the NYC’s Finest. The track has 3 verses and each one details a different circumstance. This track is also set to a reggae track.

The CD’s final track, “Duh Furst Tyme”, takes the listener back to DaSheen’s first sexual experience. Recorded as an interview by a woman, he shows lyrically poetic skills when recalling his “first time”

The CD shows depth, versatility, originality and diversity. No two songs sound the same, even the two reggae tracks are different. DaSheen flows effortlessly and fluidly through the CD taking the listener on a lyrical treat from beginning to end.

teflon - “Can’t Penetrate the Sound, Can’t Scratch the Surface!”

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