What is an IKON? By todays definition it represents something or someone that transcends or excels in his or her field of expertise; one that is well above average and above the fray; quite simply one who is larger than life.

Thats what On The Ball Entertainment CEO Kelli Ball observed during the formation of the duo comprised of Brian Ball pka Big Bang and Jerome Perkins pka Roman. They are a dynamic two-man act (that both sing and rap). Brian, who hails from Los Angeles and Jerome Perkins, a native of Houston, who grew up in South Central, Los Angeles were both reared in very musical families.

IKON describes their sound and vibe as a real and true merging of hip-hop and R&B. They are true vocalists, who remain loyal to their lyrics and great harmonies. Every demographic will like what were doing, declares Jerome. We have a song on the album for everybodywhether club grooves, street songs, ballads, what ever
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