Nathaniel Ligons II is what you might call a God inspired creative whirl wind. He has produced some incredible smooth Jazzy tracks of which several recieve considerable air play off his debut CD "About Life" to some soul-stirring gospel tracks on his latest production called "It's Not To Late" featuring caribbean gospel diva Allison Norville Forde. Nathaniel has been making music for 31 of his 37 years, learning to sequence and track songs long before the sofistocated samplers and keyboards that he now masters. He now records with Pro Tools among others and uses Motif and Triton boards, in his Mount Praise Studios. He continues to pump out soulful, unique and marketable tracks that are well recieved by the public.

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Allison Norville Forde won Top female gospel act in the country of Barbados. The CD "It's not too late" written and produced by Nathaniel Ligons was nominated for recording of the year and Allison was nominated for concert of the year and female
act of the year which she won. Thank God and thank Allison for representing my music on a global scale.

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Allison Norville Forde won Top female gospel act on the Island of barbados. The CD "It's not too late" written and produced by Nathaniel Ligons was nominated for recording of the year and Allison was nominated for concert of the year and female
act of the year which she won. Thank God and thank Allison for representing my music on a global scale.

Nathaniel Ligons II

Nathaniel Ligons II

Nathaniel was born in Detroit, Michigan March 17, 1969. He grew up listening to all the Motown Greats and was a very talented musician by age 8. Writing poems, short stories and songs always came easy to Nate, and at 11 he recited an original story on the radio that was replayed for years after the initial airing. At even an earlier age of 9 his song was a finalist for a Burger King commercial but after seeing him for the first time the producers thought that at 9 Nate was too young to deliver the song convincingly on TV. That let down never discouraged the young song writer, and he continued to hone his skills.

The Detroit News Say?s ?Keyboardist?s love of jazz greats Bob James, Ramsey Lewis, Herb Alpert, Grover Washington is evident?, after he released his first instrumental CD called (About Life) 2001. His freshman release was an immediate favorite on the airwaves in his hometown Detroit Mi, further making it evident that his sound is very marketable.

Since then Nate has compiled a library of hundreds of tracks and has produced several published songs that have received extensive airplay(About Life, No Ordinary Love, We Will Know).
What makes Nate different as a music producer is that his music production alone is top notch but the words that are married to some of his tracks are outstanding and can stand aside some of the best inspirational song writings.
Thus you have the variety of music that Nate has produced and published in the past 20 plus years. From Smooth Jazz to Gospel, his skills can fit the genre. The last project called ?It?s Not Too Late? is the second complete CD from his production company (Mount Praise Productions), and is a Contemporary Gospel project in which Allison Norville Forde of Barbados does a magnificent job of bringing to life Nate?s Gospel/R&B/Jazzy creations. This Disc has international flavor, is a crowd favorite in Barbados and is making Allison a national star.

Once upon entering a record store near Detroit where Nate had CDs available for sale, he ask the clerk what artist had been selling the most that week, and he replied, ?You and Michael Jackson?. Upon hearing any of Nate?s published work you will find it to be very polished and uplifting.
Go to to listen to the Jazzier side of Nate or go to to hear the Inspirational side, either way you will be moved by what you hear.

Allison Norville Forde

Allison Norville Forde

Allison started singing at age eight on Sunday mornings in church just as so many of today?s gospel stars did, but what makes Allison special is that she did not grow up in the United States listening to all the gospel icons that came before her but listening to a plethora of music styles that are available in the Caribbean. Allison is a citizen of Barbados, a small and beautiful island in the lower Antilles south east of the United States. She speaks English as her native language but has that enchanting island dialect to grace every word and to make her song?s just that more enjoyable to listen to.

Allison grew to become a great young singer in the Anglican Church, which is far different from our blues derived gospel here. She possesses an operatic sound with a wide and diverse range. Allison has been classically trained by Mrs. Doris Provencal, an internationally known voice trainer, and is classified as a Lyric Soprano or (first Soprano). She can attain notes from many octaves including those ear piercing ranges like Mariah Carey but very low notes as well like Toni Braxton. Allison is known as ?The Queen of Anglican Gospel? and over the past decade has performed for thousand?s annually around Barbados and other countries such as St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tortola BVI, Virgin Gorda, and most recently in Guyana.

Allison is requested to perform at Prime Ministerial Events, many Open air concerts, but the Islands are not a big stage for singers of her caliber, so she made a trek to the United States to record her first International flavored contemporary gospel Cd in hopes of getting an American Record deal or the such in order to take her unique and powerful music ministry worldwide.

Please listen and enjoy this break out Cd called ?It?s Not Too Late? written and produced by Nathaniel Ligons II

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Thank you Broadjam members for selecting Afghanistan for Broadjams top 10 best for Jazz fusion.

Again thankyou for making Afghanistan Michigans top ten. on march 19

It's not too late just made the r&b religious to 10 march 24
thanks listeners.

Check out Begin, it just made the top ten for contemporary jazz

Why ask Why just won instrumental song of the month for Dec 06

Allison Norville is nominated for several Flame Awards in Barbados, she also performed on the Bobby Jones Show last fall.


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