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When I'm not baking wood-fired sourdough bread, or mucking out the barn, or designing buildings, I write songs. Lyrically oriented songs, I suppose, but I what's a good lyric without melody to hang it on or a rhythm to drive it? Some themes recur: places, community, friends, the environment. Some songs don't fit these themes - Sometimes I let my horses choose the road.

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over 30 days ago to Roger Nelson

I'm Scott

over 30 days ago to Roger Nelson

Hi Roger! Bruce Bednarchuk from Redwood Falls, MN. Remember me? I'm one of your song-fans. Anyway, I'm just letting everyone know who could potentially come to The Mankato Symphony Orchestras' concert which will be Sat., June 25th at Riverfront Park in Kato. Doors open at 6:00 pm and the concert is at 7:00. I'm pleased to say that they will be performing "Final March of the Czar", a piece of mine that I'm dedicating to my grandmother who escaped from The Ukraine as Russian soldiers took her familys' farm and murdered her brothers. If you can attend, it would be most appreciated! Thank you and have a splendid week. Bye for now! Bruce B.

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Roger Nelson
over 30 days ago

Hey Bruce! Congratulations! I wish I could come, but life on the farm is pretty all-consuming these days. Good luck!


Thanks Roger. I know I'll be writing more for them, so hopefully you can make another performance.
Bye for now. Bruce.

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