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Great Oz is an SF/Bay Area based producer/composer with songwriting credits in Germany, Ireland, Japan, Canada and the USA.

Broadjam Top 10s:

'My Innocence': Industrial categoy
'Channeling Trent': multiple catergories.
'Seething': multiple categories.
'Sneaky': multiple categories,
'Pharaoh': multiple categories,
'Twisted': multiple categories,
'Sonic Blasphemy', multiple categories,
'Pretend': multiple categories.
'Below': multiple categories.
'Zombie Girl': multiple categories

Songwriting credits include: Hillary Duff, Timbaland, Cemali, as well as dozens of film/tv/multimedia companies worldwide and hundreds of up and coming artists.

Creative Director / Composer

"The Great Oz has remarkable vision, focused to the point of obsession with getting exactly the sound you want." - Dan Phillips / Leap Frog Studios / Rock You

"Ed's hip-hop expansion for Band-in-a-box software brought a collective "Aww yeah!" when we heard it ." -Tobin Frank

Edmond Clare (aka Great Oz) was instilled with a drive to meet high expectations from an early age. Classically trained by his mother, a Juliard student and award winning actress/singer, followed with mentoring/influences by Jason Becker, Ramone 'Pee Wee' Gooden (Digital Underground), and dozens of others, Edmond learned that hard work can get you in the spotlight, but only talent can keep you there. This philosophy keeps him striving to hone his craft to higher levels.

Edmond's early years playing with a locally popular metal-industrial band gave him the connections that led to his multimedia/film/tv work. It also gave him the innate ability to turn the underground accessible and the bubble-gum edgy.

Over the years, Edmond has honed his obsession with noticing trends and patterns in musical styles, allowing him to quickly find exactly the sound that those who work with him are looking for. This has been especially useful for his tv/film/multimedia clients, who often have an idea of what they want based on various existing works from other composers and artists. Given free reign, he uses all of his influences to create emotional, dramatic and soundtracks and songs across many musical genres.

For someone still starting out in the business, Ed's clients remain impressive. Timbaland, Hillary Duff, EA Games, Ex'pression College for New Media, Hangar 1 Vodka, PG Music, Hub Strategies Inc., Ghostfire Games, and dozens of up and coming artists in the LA/Sf-Bay Area have and continue to utilize Ed's talents.

CEO / Great Oz Media LLC.

Rand Diehl, Ph.D., CEO

?The measure of a man?s or women?s true worth is not how much money they make or acquire,but how many people have been enriched by his or her presence and the contribution they make to the improvement of mankind.?

Rand Diehl provides over 25 years of successful International-Domestic businesss and senior corporate experience. As marketing director for the SFG Tax Shelter Annuity Corportaion [ a division of Gulf & Western ], he was instrumental in building that company into a multi-million dollar success story. As President for the Integral Solar Energies Corporation he built that company into one of the most successful alternate energy tax-shelter companies in the nation. He has also been one of the Executive Producers of three Telly Award winning television shows, as well as, a recognized forward thinking music industry senior executive specializing in artist?s recording contracts.

As CEO for Wealth Development Group Limited, he created the Personal Wealth Forum, a very successful money management training company. As Director of Education and Curriculum for Global Life Enhancement Schools, he created a management\marketing workshop program.As a senior executive management\marketing consultant for the ?United Nations ? global telethon he was responsible for helping set up the comlex telethon infrastruture .As a marketing paralegal and manager of the Living Trust division for Joseph A. West Inc.,Attorneys at Law, he increased productivity and profitability by over 300% in his first year and over 500% the second .

As a published author, Rand has written dozens of training manuals, and is an experienced lecturer\teacher, having conducted over a hundred educational programs and seminars. Rand spent one year teaching the Stanford University ?Decide Program ? to sixth graders in California. Based on his marketing and management success, he was elected to the National Registrar?s Who?s Who of Executives and Professionals.

As a humanitarian, Rand established the Starving Children?s Fund, an organization formed to feed hungry children in America. He has earned undergraduate degrees in Business and Finance, a Master in Human Empowerment and Metaphysics, and a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. His background also includes being a Certified Estate Planner, Registered Investment Advisor, and a highly acclaimed personal training\motivational expert. Rand has demonstrated a life long commitment to personal and professional growth through community service as well as academic and business excellence.

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Great Oz Digital
over 30 days ago to Great Oz Digital

It's been a WHILE since I last logged in! This page seriously needs some updating!

Robert Adams
over 30 days ago to Great Oz Digital

Edmond - You have some stunning tunes. Reading your bio, the name "Jason Becker" jumped off the page. To my mind, the most amazing musician since Paganini, and equally amazing as a human being. Looking forward to the "Perpetual Burn" documentary about him.

1 Replies
Great Oz Digital
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much Robert! I'm still getting used to the social aspect of Broadjam. Sorry about the delay in response!!

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago to Great Oz Digital

You've got some incredible industrial. Haven't heard an artist on this website that really does it as well as you just did. I'm blown away over here. Would love to work with you.

I've got 3 in the industrial top 10. Consider it my demo... Let me know if you take on any remixers for your next single. It would be a blast re-inventing such polished productions. I could do a lot there.

Again... Impressive work.


2 Replies
Great Oz Digital
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much!!! I'm getting used to Broadjam being more social, so I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you!! Sned me an email, and I'll keep you in mind for some remixing fun!!

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago


see you then.

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