Influenced by such artists as Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Thomas and Seal , Chad LaMarsh's original music is an upbeat blend of pop/rock.

Chad LaMarsh

Chad LaMarsh?s story has become a veritable talking point for the perpetually gigging musician. Play five shows a week, balance the logistics, work on the new material and seek every possible opportunity to be heard. His mantra has always been to perform genuinely and leave it all on the stage. This ethic alone has cemented Chad as a permanent landmark on the Boston club scene. After nearly fifteen years he is one of the most talked about, listened to and sought after acts in the region.

Chad has released two CD's - his EP " It's About Time" and the full length CD "Antime Anywhere". Since November 2005, 5 songs off of "Anytime/Anywhere" have been used on ABC?s day time soap "All My Children" - Can You Kiss Me, Dancing Through My Door, Just Remember, Day Trip, and Without Me.

Why does Chad LaMarsh consistently draw crowds wherever he performs?
There is a dynamism in Chad that flows through the songs he performs. His intense, percussive approach to playing the acoustic guitar often brings first time listeners to the stage looking for the rest of the band or perhaps a drum machine. "You guys are great!" That's always nice to hear ." laughs Chad.

Not succumbing to the expected, stereotypical songlist of most performers affords Chad to touch on many styles of pop music, weaving in and out of songs seamlessly. Some people enjoy coming to Chad's shows to simply listen. Others come to sing and dance along all night long. Whatever your mood or pleasure, Chad performs his unique playlist with a masterful mix of energy, precision, and passion.

The Chad LaMarsh Band:

Joe Piero ~ Bass and vocals
Carter Holland ~ Guitar and vocals
Crystal Patten ~ Vocals
Vinnie Damaio - drums

  • Member Since: 2004
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