Behind the “LesGutaless“ name stands a simple crew gathered around even simpler project called “let's make music“. After this initial concept, nothing about making music was taken for granted. Listeners of local radio stations are reassured of that in November 2003, when their single track “Anyway“ hits the charts climbing to the top. It is a well-thought musical expression, full of fresh rhythms and nice harmonies.

Having some first musical experiences in playing gigs with many bands in clubs, Gutaless starts passing by on his drum sticks and begins his search for more complex sounds discovering music making software programs, such as ACID and shortly afterwards Qbase as well.

In all this, he finds an ally in his long time friend Sasha (guitar), with whom he's played in many bands so far.

The two of them are the very core of the band and they are interested in working together with all the people who want to and can contribute to the process of making music. Get in touch.
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