Violet Pen is a lyricist who writes introspective and relatable verse about relationships - with others and with yourself. Collaborating with other songwriters on the music, Violet Pen’s song lyrics read like pages from a journal, painting vivid images, expressing deep vulnerability and conveying the complexity of life situations in simple, honest ways. In her lyrics, Violet Pen draws from her colorful and complicated life, filled with multiple careers and loves, moves from Atlanta to San Francisco to Alaska, single motherhood, family trauma and growing up in a small southern town on 11 acres of cow pasture. The musical style of her songs span pop, folk and country.


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over 30 days ago to Violet Pen

Hi Christy, I love the voice and yes the song.....I too could go on about the submission game here at BJ...The competition is stiff. that only makes us better, so between "no members selected" and the listings which state "vocals and instrumentals"....Thats a sucker listing. they never select an instrumental. hey, I got off on a tangent for a minute!.. I'll get to the point... do you ever collaborate? Thanks Marvin. SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS...

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Violet Pen

I just wanted to tell you how much I was moved by your song Just A Memory. We both put songs in for the same opportunity and sometimes when I'm not successful (99.9% of the time!) I listen to those that were selected and considered, just to get a feel for what was required, that's how I came across your song. It's really beautiful, I wish you every success with it.
I couldn't see any credits, is that your vocal? Whoever it is adds so much to the emotions already in the lyrics?

Good luck and thanks,


Nan Michaels
over 30 days ago to Violet Pen

"Who I was Meant to Be" is simply beautiful. What a joy to listen to!
- Nan Michaels

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Violet Pen
over 30 days ago

Thank you, Nan! It makes me happy to hear that. I just checked out a couple of your songs and I love the the fire and attitude I felt when listening. You are a talented songwriter.

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