Dario Marotta is an Italian born composer and multi-instrumentalist who currently lives in Czech Republic. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 approaching into Classical music, Irish folk and American acoustic Blues, soon later getting into electric guitar. During his experience as a performer has faced various music genres, also playing in various bands and participating in demo/albums productions. Later on he got into electronic music and synthesizers, being fascinated by the range of possibilities of experimentation with it. His own project comes from the combination of different music styles and the need to explore new worlds and express himself in new forms.


Producer of Experimental, Electronic rock, Electronica music .
Live Solo performer

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Thank you very much for the review of my song "The Creator". You were very detailed and gave great insight. you're right about the song needing mastering, it's pretty older song and "unreleased". I never understood what the foreign language parts meant, they were samples that I thought sounded good... You said that phase is 'hate speech'?? If so I will take the song down immediately.. I had no idea.

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Dario Marotta
over 30 days ago

Cheers. So you've got some idea to put the track on the next level for a final release.
Lyrics yeah, better to find something else that fits better too :)

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
over 30 days ago

Yes I will take out those lyrics... the last thing I want in my music is something negative. Many thanks for your very helpful review!!

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