Northern Ugandan female rapper

A'shaan Angom Lucky Akullu was born in 1992 in Lira, a township near Gulu. She was named after the British rapper Ashawn. Now the mother of a Hip - Hop in her region, A'shaan began singing in 2012, and already had her first song at that year, the First. When she had joined university, she released "Run - It" came from Down to Up her music career. A'shaan confirmed that there's high competition for the young artists, saying that her rap-style was very mature for her experince and was 'the dream she lived.'

A'shaan's studio recording hit single "Run - It", which has become the fastest-selling record at this time. The song is being yearned much causing international popularity. Throughout the years A'shaan also established herself as a great Hip - Hop star. Now in 2015, she got confirmed as a "SAFARI AFRICA" female rapper, achieved platinum status therein end of year 2015.

A'shaan has done songs like; 'Akello' , 'Wine up' , 'An Ayin' and 'Big Dream
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