Combining hot Southern Soul, jazz harmony and latin rhythms, David Deon &
The Soul Inspirations aim at the heart and mind. With performances that
range from a romantic croon to bluesy wail to the sanctified holler, The
Soul Inspirations aren't just another R&B band. Their debut release, "Let It
Go", evokes the slick funk of Chic, the sophisticated pop-jazz of Steely
Dan, and the searing, "I'm still standing" testifying of Harold Melvin & The
Blue Notes.

The product of David and Matthew Nelson's (The Dorothy Heralds, Josh Harty,
Lis Harvey) 20 year bond of brotherhood, The Soul Inspirations' mix early,
bare-knuckled Soul with Steely Dan-like arrangements and the straight up,
crowd pleasing interplay and dynamics of a well-travelled R&B band.
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Soul Inspirations,
Thanks for the honest review of my Song Me & Mine. No programming on this song, however, just a Roland TD-6 played live. I do appreciate you comments and the thoughtfulness therein.

Peace, Michael

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