While the guitar was his first instrument, Greg Thornburg has spent most of his adult life as a drummer and percussionist. Those earliest influences never left him, however, and with the releases of his 2 CDs "Kaleidoscope" and "Hook Echo", he's rededicated himself to his original muse.

Greg's affinity for rhythm, bass lines, and distinctive harmonies is well represented in fingerstyle playing. He greatly admires players such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Leo Kottke, and Wisconsin's own Willy Porter for their innovative approach to guitar playing. His performance features mostly original material, with a few arrangements mixed in. No longer shielded by drums, a soloist's stage is a fresh perspective, and a new way to connect with and entertain an audience.
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J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Greg Thornburg

Greg, The Harmonics At The End Of Your "Doubtful Bones" Reminded Me Of Kottke's "Easter" ... Enjoyed The Entire Song ... Excellent Work Sir ... Curious How You Recorded That One As Wondering If You Split The Guitar In Stereo As Sounds Like One Solo Performance And Not An Overdub ... I Have Been Experimenting With Mic'd/Direct Split Pan Capture With Good Results ... Also Intrigued By Your Bio As My Son Is Also A Long-Time Drummer Turned Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist ... (:>o) ... Best Wishes For Wherever Life & The Music May Lead You ... J Nelson K

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Greg Thornburg
over 30 days ago

Hi J Nelson, thanks so much for listening! It was great to hear the Kottke comparison, since the title of that tune was inspired by a story he told at one of his live shows that I attended. It was my attempt to figure out his thumb technique, which I never really did, but I got a tune out of the process. Oddly enough, my only exposure to him is the live shows I've seen.
The recording setup was inspired by Antoine Dufour's youTube short series of "Into the studio" videos. You're right they aren't an overdub, just 2 close mics in front panned hard left and right. I had a third mic on my acoustic amp in another room (for center/bass) - Antoine used a direct line on his. I recommend your son listen to as much Willy Porter as he can - a fantastic singer and writer, and a truly gifted acoustic guitar player; one of my original inspirations! Oh and if you want to hear my drumming, just search for The Getaway Drivers :) Be Well - Greg

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