The new album (2002) "IMPLICATIONS" has drawn comparisons to artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly, Tom Petty, Mark Knoffler & Shaun Mullins.

Previous Albums/recordings were done along the lines of the Allan Parsons Project....hence the different singers.

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New album LIFE is nearing completion.

New Album - LIFE

Currently working on a new Album - Life.

Uh Huh

Greg stumbled into music in 1989, and after completing a course in Contemporary Music in 1992, he began working with others on the songs he wrote. He began a successful collaberation with Oliver Jones, whose brother Daniel went on to find fame and fortune in Savage Garden. Greg and Oliver became friends and Oliver was the voice on Greg's first album "No Mystery". The album "Implications" was produced and recorded with the help of a few very talented and very generous friends after Greg wrote songs to perform himself. The singer/songwriter label did not sit comfortably but with the support of a couple of dedicated friends the project (Implications) was completed.

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