I'm an author and trainer in music-related technologies and a songwriter/recording musician. I'm also known musically by the name of Buster Fayte.

I've produced countless training articles and videos. These teach the techniques of audio/video production using Sony applications including ACID Pro, Vegas Pro, Sound Forge, and more. For more about my work, visit me at www.garyrebholz.com

My music has been influenced by a mix of styles. From my days playing bass for the Rockabilly trio Kevin Fayte and Rocket 8 to my current projects as a solo recording musician, I've worked the influences of rock, country, folk, metal, and other styles into my songs and recordings.

I'm based outside of Madison, Wisconsin. I sing and play the guitar and bass on my recordings and engineer, mix, and master it all in my home studio.

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I'm happy to have a few new songs for you. I hope you like them!

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To contact me, send a message to buster@busterfayte.com.

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I'm a song writer and recording musician with a deep portfolio of songs that express emotions that we all feel but often can't put into words ourselves. Exploring love, fear, despair, joy, anger, self doubt, excitement, I try to take you through the process of figuring it all out and coming out better for the experience. Many of my songs contain a political or social angle that hopefully will make you think about who we choose to lead us through the troubled times in which we live. But my desire is not to impart hopelessness. Just the opposite, in fact, and I hope that my music can give you cause to rethink your situation in this world?and improve it. Thank you for listening to my music. Peace.

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